How to productively plan your working week

Now that most of us are working from home, we should be planning our week properly and working out which tasks we should do first. This is to maximize productivity. The first lockdown that we worked at home we had no idea as to how to be productive. The second time around it is much better now that we have a plan in place.

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The Sales blog has some great tips on maximizing your time. Distractions are unavoidable sometimes if you have children but you should plan to minimize those. If you have children and you are working from home you could have a babysitter or a nanny to come and take care of the kids. Or you could work whilst they are napping

On Monday we write down all the tasks that we have to do that week. This is also a good time for us to check-in and see if things have been done and targets met. We normally try and set a target for that week. Sometimes things come up and that’s ok.

Then during the week we work hard and we have one day off for doing just whatever. At breakfast each day we work out what needs to be done during the day. We try and schedule our runs for the afternoon where we work best. Then at night, we publish posts as that’s where most of the sales targets are met.

Then the weekend is family time.

You don’t have to get the plan essentially right, just make sure that you cover all the bases on a week by week basis. Things do come up on the news and its important that we adjust to those.

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