Sugar and income

We wonder about sugar and income and we talk about the relationship between both. In America, a lot of people are on the food stamp program. This is the food welfare program that is provided to low-income families and individuals by the Government. In Australia that is called Centrelink. The lower the income the more healthy foods that you cannot afford.

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The poorer you are the more likely that you’ll want a sugary drink. In America the poorest people can only afford a sugary drink. Thus there are a lot of health inequalities there and the Coronavirus pandemic has made it worse. Thus we call upon a sugar tax that would have massive health benefits and economic benefits for the government. The UK already has a soda tax which was implemented in 2018

I wonder if it is similiar in Australia. Already we have seen some markups in sugary items at the supermarket. But the chocolate at my local Coles is about $1 for a bar.

We know what sugar can do to your health and your teeth. Too much sugar is bad for you. The government should introduce a sugar tax and free fruit for people that are most in need.

Governments need to step up their efforts in providing more healthier foods at affordable prices for people. That might not happen anytime soon due to the shortages of fresh food. During this Coronavirus pandemic, many of their workers have Coronavirus and so the supply chain has been cut short.

But food banks might be able to procure some fresh fruit and vegetables if people can donate money to them.

Growing your own might be a better option for all of us. If you grow your own you can supply those that need some fresh food for free.

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