Is insecure work making us sick?

With high numbers of coronavirus cases all over the world, we have asked this question, “Is insecure work making us sick?”

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This pandemic is has exposed to vulnerable people such as casual workers. Casual workers work in all sorts of environments such as supermarkets, retail, food production, markets, etc. These workers cannot time off and if they do they won’t get paid any of their entitlements. Touchstone says that people are forced to work when sick. People worry about losing their jobs. Future Work says that insecure work will become the new normal. EHS Today has reported that people that work in more casual roles will be at higher risk of heart attack amongst other things.

The ABC says that 80% of new coronavirus cases in Melbourne come from casual workers that work when they should be at home self-isolating. These people need money to feed their families. They don’t get sick leave or other leave entitlements. The Andrews Government has offered these people $300 payment for those that are waiting for test results at home.

So what can employers do now that the pandemic is here

  • Let employees work from home if they can and when they can
  • Keep their employees in the loop about changes that are going on in their business
  • Kick casualization out of their place if you can. Instead, why not have full-time and part-time employees do most of the work
  • Casual works need better treatment from their employer. Now it is time for them to ask about this

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