Week 6 of frugal living

This week is looking a little bit bleak as Stage four of the lockdowns are introduced. More and more businesses will shut and it will be harder to get things. The abattoirs will have only two thirds of their workforce working there with the rest possibly stood down and they have to wear PPE.

Many people have lost their jobs and the future of job keeper is extended until sometime next year. But the rate in which people earn in a fortnight will be cut somehow after September. The Government predicts that they will spend $15 billion on it. But not everyone’s accepted into Jobkeeper as businesses have to have been established for 12 months. So I wonder about the newer businesses and their future during this pandemic. This week I have been showing some love to my favorite stores by buying things or online. By buying things I mean staying within my limits and the restrictions

The share market has crashed this week as Victoria’s future looks uncertain.

What we can do under Stage 4

  1. We have a curfew of 8pm each day unless we are going to work at night or caregiving
  2. We can only exercise for an hour
  3. Only one person of the household is allowed to shop for food once a day
  4. We can’t travel outside of 5km from our home (both exercise and errands)
  5. We must wear a face mask outside the house unless you have a valid reason
  6. We can go out of the house for medical care and emergencies
  7. All non essential shops must close (online retail is ok).

Total for this week: $20 at Chemist Warehouse,$20 on a book from Amazon.com and $5 on Optus credit. Most of the food I ate at home. Hence its only $45.

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