How to help the community fight Coronavirus

We want to eradicate Coronavirus altogether from our communities but we need everyone’s help to do this.

Educate yourself on Coronavirus

Coronavirus is a deadly disease which is infectious and contagious. It is a wild and very rapidly spreading disease. Anybody can get it and people do die from it. The WHO has a lovely website about the virus.

When you go shopping

Make sure you wear a face mask. In Victoria you have to wear one. Don’t be like those anti maskers who refuse to mask up and then boast about it on Instagram. Always sanitise your hands as much as you can. Some stores will ask that you wear rubber latex gloves and they will have some there for you.

And whilst wearing the mask don’t touch your face.

Most stores operate online, so if you can please shop online at home before going in. Also many stores are card only now, so please don’t forget your card

Shopping for others

If you want to shop for others, fine. Do check the government’s regulations on this. Some may only want you to do this within 5km of your home. Many elderly and vulnerable live alone. Do let them know as ask them to write you a list to leave on their door. When you pay for the goods ask for the receipt and then put it in one of the bags when you drop it off. Do ask that they transfer the money to your bank account (most bank accounts you can send money to that person’s mobile phone if they have the banking app).

After you finished shopping and before you drop it off, do clean the products and the bag. Many people would have touched the products in store.

Don’t believe in the hype online about there being no virus

There is a lot of hype online about there being no virus and a lot of anti maskers. They believe in all these weird religious things about Coronavirus being evil. If you do so, you will get caught by the police.

Just do the right thing and we’ll all get through this together. The community will thank you for it.

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