Coronavirus and suicide

The rate of suicide has gone up due to the Coronavirus. All over the world the rate is really high. In America its really high. People are locked in their homes and are isolated from their friends.

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Staying at home is mentally challenging. Teens are challenged by staying home and getting on top of this. In the UK a teen called Emily died in March. In Victoria, there has been a 33% increase on the number of young people that present to hospitals from this time last year.

Also job losses are another reason for suicide.

How you can help

  • Check in on the person online. It can be on Facebook, What’s app, Instagram etc
  • Send them a few gifts to show that you care
  • Encourage them to talk about mental health issues. During this time they would be cooped up inside and they would want to talk.
  • If you can, buy from small businesses. During this time they are feeling the pinch and will have some mental health problems of their own. Buying that thing and writing good things about them will show that you support them. It could even make someone’s day.
  • Complimenting someone on their outfit and their dog would make their day
  • Checking in on your neighbors once in a while can really boost someone’s mood.

It has just been announced that the State Government in Melbourne will be spending more on mental health due to this pandemic.

Just remember we are all in this together and we will come out on the other side a lot stronger.

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