Learning patience

I am one of the most impatient people that you’ll come across. Patience is a skill that health coaches need when dealing with people. I can never exercise patience at the moment.

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We live in times where people are always impatient such as big bosses for the big offices that want everything done now. Impatience raises our stress levels and that’s not good.

During the Coronavirus times, people have had to learn about being patient and not rushing things.

So I started a patience journal online. I got on top of my impatience by not being angry at things that I cannot control such as the Coronavirus. I had to learn about impatience first. Impatience is the desire to act without thinking. 

Learning patience takes a while.  You have to move at different paces. We need to learn patience by practicing pausing into awareness.  

In other words you need to slow down and be mindful and present. 

Situations for which patience is a must (from essential life skills site):

✔ Reaching most goals
✔ Losing weight
✔ Having a baby
✔ Bodybuilding
✔ Becoming a professional career person such as
    doctor, lawyer, engineer
✔ Becoming a top athlete
✔ Becoming a virtuoso in any musical field
✔ The healing of any wounds or illnesses
✔ Getting over loss or tragedy

The benefits of being patient are:

Less stress

More time to think and control yourself in difficult situations

Better understanding of empathy and emotions

Learn and appreciate the process of growth and growth mindset

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