Aged care and the Coronavirus: is the Government in Victoria to blame for this mess?

Right now the aged care sector in Victoria is in a mess. We have about 450 aged care homes in Victoria and over 900 people in those facilities have Coronavirus, some of which are staff. Staff have to go home to isolate but what about looking after the residents?

The government is partly to blame because they did not provide enough PPE or the staff early on in the pandemic. The Government could have also let the elderly go home and live with their children. The adult children are very concerned for their parents.

The government has provided some ADF support but it is too little too late. The staffing levels at some of these nursing homes were terrible.

I also think that the management of this sector is to blame for not providing enough food for people. A few of the residents that were isolating were neglected. At St Basil’s there has also been some miscommunication between the staff and the resident’s family. They would say that someone is fine but in actual fact, they are not. The management at some of these aged care facilities should have learned from Syndey’s Newmarch house.

Lets hope that the aged care sector gets better within time. It is devastating when people die. People should have been fed properly and looked after as well as being assisted within a timely manner.

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