Week 9 of frugal living

So I just found out that Victoria will be in a State of Emergency for possibly 12 more months Normally this period lasts for about six months. But due to the nature of this pandemic the Victorian Government wants to extend it but the extension needs to be approved. This will mean that businesses will have to operate under a Covid normal and people will have to wear face masks. Also people will have to work from home. This is devasting news for businesses and local tourism. But this week I backed local businesses and bought a face mask and a few other items from them

.This week we had chicken curry, fish and some of the snacks that a company called Snack Proud sent us. And we tried to ration the the 1 L of milks that is left in the fridge. The chicken schnitzel was from our freezer

This week I received a letter from a debt collections agency in NSW. No matter the amount, the agencies in other parts of Australia forget that we are in a different place to them. They forget that we are experiencing a lot of stress due to the pandemic. About 28% more Victorians experienced this type of stress compared with last year. There was a survey done by Melbourne Uni on this. A lot of businesses are feeling the stress of COVID 19 now.

On Friday and the weekend it was a really sunny day and I enjoyed having my rocket from the garden as well the salmon from the freezer.

Total spent this week: Chemist Warehouse: $20, The Boathouse : $4, Optus: $5, The organically wherehouse: $4, Cafe Istanbul: $6. Altogether it was $39.

5 industries that will bounce back and thrive after COVID19

Here are some industries that will thrive after COVID 19. This might be a year or two after the pandemic has ended.

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Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Pexels.com

Health and wellness services

Whilst the physcial stores were closed the online space started thriving. People needed more mental health and wellness. ALso the exercise sector online really boomed. Yoga and meditation really started to take off

IT services

With more and more people working from home they too had a massive boost


The Active wear and facemasks retail sector will become more popular as face mask wearing is becoming more common in the world. People will have become more used to and comfortable with working in active wear.

As gyms have closed the spike in home gym gear has meant that this part of the retail sector is doing really well. More people have taken to running and biking outdoors which would see a huge increase in bike sales.

As people get comfortable with working from home the suit and fancy clothes industry will see huge drop. Luxury goods will also suffer due to the fact that people would not be able to afford them. Electrical goods will suffer due to the fact that they would be unaffordable for many. Many people would do without the expensive television or the really fancy fridge

Social services

As people lose their jobs and the cost of living becomes unaffordable for many, social services will see a huge demand for service. They already have seen a huge surge in the past few weeks here in Melbourne.

Home improvement/ DIY

This retail industry has seen a huge demand in the past few weeks. It includes your plants, crafts and other home improvement projects. The demand in materials has also spiked as people make their own masks at home and fix up other things other around the house. The demand for paint, wood and electrical goods such as saws and sewing machines has also increased.

Covid19 and domestic violence

The number of domestic violence is on the rise since people have been adhering to the stay at home orders. Survivors are being forced to stay at home with domestic abusers. WebMD says that there is a significant jump in the increase in domestic violence in America. Its been the same in Australia. RACGP says that there has been a 26% increase in calls to Men’s helpline and an 11% increase in calls to 1800 Respect. There was a 75% increase in searches on mental health support services online at Google.com. Governments around the world have increased their funding for mental health, but not much else is allowed whilst they tackle this COVID crisis.

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The Age also reported an increase where women where forced to stay with them and some of the perpetrators looked through the phones and other things. More victims are now coming forward after the lockdowns are eased.

Our recommendations to the Government

  • To have gyms open so that people can vent their frustrations with staying at home
  • The current Stage 4 exercise lockdowns aren’t enough- we can’t do a lot in one hour and for some people it means more violence
  • To let people see an agreed family member that doesn’t live them- like New Zealand, it should be some sort of a bubble.

How to start being a vegetarian

Now that the meat supply is short due to the virus, it is a great time to think about going vegetarian.

Some benefits of going vegetarian are losing weight, being healthier and cleaner and saving the planet.

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So what can vegetarians eat?

Going vegetarian is a plant-based diet. They can eat most foods except for fish, seafood, and meat. They can eat whey products and eggs. We can still eat tofu and dairy products such as milk. But if you want to go all vegan then you can’t have diary. Vegans normally get their calcium from nuts.

Some problems if you’re vegetarian

Lack of B12. This vitamin is found in meat. There is a supplement for that if you need it.

Lack of iron for runners which might mean anemia

But it can be substituted for iron tablets which may be recommended by your healthcare professional. Don’t take more than the recommended dose as you might have liver and kidney problems later.

How to start?

Start off by going slowly if you are a heavy meat eater. Do try a few meals each week that are vegetarian and build up from there. There is some great inspiration online and there are many vegetarian blogs. Just do a search online at bing.com

You may not like it at first but you’ll get used to it. Just give it time and commitment. Going vegetarian doesn’t mean that you miss all of your vitamins and minerals. If you plan it properly you can enjoy a vegetarian diet with all the benefits. You may need to see a nutritionist which can help you out with going on the diet.

Just becasuse its not meat doesn’t mean that its all good. You still have to drink water and try not to have too much of the processed stuff.

Some of the vegetarian stuff has quite a few calories.

Meditation talks throughout Coronavirus times

We talk about why meditation is so important. Meditation is a stress-relieving activity that takes about ten minutes throughout your day.

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During isolation people have had some self doubts and negative feelings. I myself included. But with meditation, it helped relieve me of some of that worry. There are a lot of meditation videos on Youtube and I plan to get through them all. They last anywhere between 10-20 minutes.

So far I love them and they are soothing. The voice always soothing. Here you sit in a relaxed posed and you close your eyes and just breathe and relax. At the conference that I went last week on mindfulness they talked about meditation and finding inner peace. When you are more mindful you are at peace within yourself and you can sleep much better.

During meditation, I imagine a blue, clear sky full of happiness and I’m in a lovely green park with kids and flying kites as well as a picnic. I know that during Stage four we can’t have a picnic and be carefree but it’s just a feeling that I have. One sunny day I’d love to go to the beach and just relax.

Do you have same feelings of happiness and calmness in your mind? I’d love to know! Let us know in the comments!

6 reasons as to why you are experiencing food cravings

Nutrition Stripped wrote about this topic and I wanted to talk about it too now that we are in the Coronavirus pandemic and people are putting on weight.

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One mistake is that people are confusing being hungry with being thirsty. We should be drinking about 3-4L of water each day but not many people do this. Our bodies are made up of 60% of water and we cannot function properly without water.

Lack of nutrients

During isolation, many people are turning to bake, so they may not be getting enough nutrients they need. WHilst home baking is good we need to have other nutrients such as vegetables and fruits.

Too many food rules

In today’s society there are too many food rules and these are promoted on Instagram. As such after that period of restricted eating people go aon a binge

Stress and Anxiety

During Isolation we are forced to stay at home. Therefore there is more stress and anxiety in the household and that can force us to comfort eat. When we are stressed we turn to junk food and emotionally eat

Lack of sleep

The lack of sleep can casue you to have food cravings, however minor they are. The more hours you sleep the better your food cravings will be. During the pandemic a lot of you may not have slept really well

Old Habits

When you were growing up what did you eat? Did your parents give you ready made meals for dinner? Or did they give you good food. Some of these habits can be why we have cravings now for them

And how to get rid of these cravings

  • Sleep well. We need about 7- 8 hours of sleep per night . If you sleep well, you feel much better the next day
  • Stress less. We do a lot of meditation and yoga during the week as well stress busting exercise.
  • Don’t restrict yourself. Do have some cheat days where you can enjoy some treats. Also do make sure that you get enough nutrients from the five food groups. We should be having fruit and vegetables, dairy, grains, pulses, legumes and other proteins.
  • Get rid of old habits. Now is a good time to reevaluate yourself and reinvent the wheel with food.
  • Keep a journal about how you are feeling around food. This will help you understand why you crave certain things.

5 stay at home ideas

We are all in lockdown and will be for some time. Even when we do get out of lockdown there will be some restrictions.

So how do you make the most of lockdown? For when you are by yourself and that are not Netflix!

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  1. Do a cross-stitch- pick a good one that is big and long like a tablecloth to do as that will take up a bit of time.
  2. Fix up your garden. If you have a tree prune the branches. Fixing up your garden will take some time not to mention getting rid of the stress
  3. Host a dinner catch up online- you can do this by zoom or Facebook Messenger. Many fine dining places and bars now host their own virtual meet ups over wine. Whilst its not free its a good way to let your hair down and see the outside world. What’s more they will send you all the ingredients and wine that you’ll need and then you can cook up a storm.
  4. Join a virtual exercise class- Les Mills have some awesome ones and if your gym is shut they will have some online classes for you to join. Sometimes they might a charge a fee to cover the instructor costs but for most their members its is free.
  5. Read a good book. The longer it is, the more time consuming it would be and it would take your mind off the pandemic. But make sure that you like the book. And you can read it on Kindle.

Vegetarian burritos

The ones outside are always expensive and are full of a lot of sauces, rice and not much vegetables other than beans. But the ones you get at home are much better.

We used Simpson’s pantry wraps and Edgells beans. To make the guacamole we used avocado, lime juice and Tamar Valley yoghurt. You can add cucumber and tomato in there but we had none so we used carrots. We also had grated cheese in there. We used a bit of red onion to give it that kick.

Although ours does not have rice in it, you can add some if you need. Last night’s rice is ok.

After we put all the ingredients into the wrap it was time to fold it and then we put it through the sandwich press to make it warm.

Week 8 of frugal living

Today we had the leftover duck in our fridge. It was the Luv a Duck ones from in a packet. I also had some of the leftover rolled oats for breakfast. We have another carton of them waiting to be used up. I had oats and the leftover brioche bread for breakfast.

And we had soy sauce chicken on both the Wednesday and Thursday night. On Tuesday night we had the burrito with the chicken schnitzel from the freezer.

We have been making our own bread at home and am loving it.

So far no announcement on what is happening with Jobkeeper. I wonder what will happen with my debt that I will need to pay off once COVID is finished. Although today it was announced that there would be a further moratorium on rent and evictions which is good for the tenants and the landlords. It would be the same for small business owners who are not earning much even if they have Jobkeeper. This is why we need to keep up our collective fight and not support big businesses like Coles and Woolworths. They take all the money and leave the small businesses in the lurch. And then they would have to shut up shop.

I tried to share as many posts as a business would allow on Instagram and before the curfew so that people would not get int trouble and be fined. We don’t need to have to worry about the fines on top of this. Already we are seeing well over 100 people per day getting fined and that number is not going to go anytime soon. Some of those fines are for curfew breaches.

This week’s expenditures

  • Dingo Ate my Taco- $7
  • *The happy Apple- $12
  • Boundy’s Supa- $5
  • The Friendly Grocer- $5
  • The Boathouse- $4
  • Optus- $10

Total: $43 spent. Yippee! So I have $7 left over