Fitness Challenge 2020 June/July

So I was inspired by Dreams and Adventures at Cozy Cottage to take on this challenge. In Coronavirus isolation there isn’t much to do and even if the gyms were open I wouldn’t encourage people to rush back until the end of stage 3 of the lockdowns.

I’m lucky to live near a few good running paths.

June: Goal is to get to 80 miles by the end of the month and explore new places that I have never even heard of now that we are allowed unlimited travel. I met that and I ran 92.3 miles in the month.

During that time I explored Newmarket and Kensington for a bit.

July: Goal is to get to 120 miles by the end of the month. I didn’t meet that but I ran over 100 miles. The Government has put Stage 3 lockdowns in place and we can only run in our postcode but it was fun to explore the suburb.

The gyms were closed again so I couldn’t go there to exercise even if I tried. This month Coronavirus cases were on the high. On the 30th of July, we had 723 cases and people’s mental health had gone through the roof. Mine managed to stay sane due to all the exercise and sunshine I got.

During those two months, I did lots of Body Combat classes. It was fun and I tried lots of new moves. I also walked on the days that I was having a rest from running. It was really relaxing and I got to pat some of the dogs and try some of the yummy foods on offer there whilst doing my bit for the economy.

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