Managing anxiety throughout Coronavirus times

We talk about managing anxiety for autistic during the Coronavirus pandemic when we are all in lockdown and the carer might not be there to assist you.

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I know of several friends who are autistic and would have a hard time managing anxiety. I know of one who misses the city so much. Pre pandemic he used to visit the city every day. Now we are in a lockdown.

For normal people anxiety is not such a huge issue for them. But for people who are autistic and cannot access their carers it can be. Not seeing extended family and friends can be a lot harder for them. Even seeing the high numbers can be a bit of a challenge.

Yenn Perkis has shared some of her strategies with us:

She says that some deep breathing strategies should be used. Meditation is one such useful strategy.

Mindful body awareness is another way of dealing with the anxiety of the challenge. Mindfulness helps as it is a meditation technique for anxiety and there are many apps to help with that. Headspace is awesome

Distract yourself with various fun things to do at home (or work for that matter). I know we’re allowed to leave the house for exercise. If you can do that, explore various paths in your local suburb/postcode (you can be the Karen of Brighton in this instance).

Seek help if you really need it. There are online services that counsel people with autism. Do have a look on to find your local one and remember that they can do telehealth in times of Coronavirus. Talk to friends online and seek help from your family. Your carer might be able to help if you have one.

This is one of ours. Try and stick to your routine as much as you can as this might help with your anxiety. Things are always changing on a daily basis but if you have a routine, it might help try and settle you.

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