How the lockdowns have impacted us all

We write about how the lockdowns have impacted us all. We got the inspiration for this article from the Baker Institute who says that the lockdowns have impacted their research and it has delayed everything. They were preparing for this a few weeks before the whole of Australia was locked down.

But then comes the lockdowns and we’re all forced to work at home. That meant that research and everything was delayed. In most cases it cost them money.

But then during the lockdown, many businesses had to rethink their plans for opening up and working. Fitness Australia has been running these live COVID Series on Facebook to help gyms reopen in a COVID safe way.

Now in Victoria we are in the second lockdown and we learned some lessons from the first lockdown. Lessons about not touching your money and not buying things that you need did not sit well with me in the last lockdown. So during this lockdown, I will be supporting the economy big and small so that we can reopen with wages and not that many job losses. We can reopen without having so much debt which we have got into the first time around. Lately, I have been sharing some of my favorite restaurant posts in hopes that they will survive the second lockdown.

We now have to find a new normal and that can take some time for us to get used to. Working at home could be a new normal for a little while until a vaccine comes.

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