Crisis Fatigue: are we emotionally overwhelmed

WebMD reports that in the US cases are surging and more and more people are going out in droves. The same thing has happened in Australia and then we have gone into a much harder lockdown in Victoria. In NSW it is similar to all the news reports of overcrowding in some places.

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People are angry at the Government for not controlling the virus. People are pretending that this is all over with 60-155 fines issued per day in Victoria. With the mask law now in place in Victoria, there are about 20-25 people not wearing them every day and are being fined for that.

It is natural to feel some anxiety and grief . But we shouldn’t take it out on staff who are just there to do their job, whether it would be in retail, food and other essential services.

Most of us feel hopeless that we can’t earn enough money let alone lose a family member due to the COVID19.

How do we deal with the mental health struggles on a day to day basis?

First of all you can’t control what happens in the world around you. You can only control what you want to do and how you feel

Practice self-care. That could be reading a book and going out for exercise. Seek support if you need to.

Talk to someone if you can, whether it would be online or face to face.

Remember we are all in this together and we will get through to the other side.

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