Are ready made sandwiches good for you

As we all return to the offices you would be thinking about a ready-made sandwich for lunch. I have been there before. It is normally $3-$5 or more depending on where you buy them.

wheat bread sandwich
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In this day and age due to Coronavirus outbreaks it could be contaminated if you buy it from places like 7/11.

The bread can be stale depending on where you get it from. You would be paying mostly for bread as the sandwich doesn’t have a lot of filling. Most of the fillings are overly dressed meaning that you would be eating empty calories. Sometimes the sandwich would be sitting in the refrigerated area for hours, meaning that it could go soggy (this is the case for most chain stores such as 7/11, Coles, Woolworths and some other places)

But you can buy the ingredients every week for your own sandwich. You could buy a bread roll each day from the supermarket and your own fillings for the week. Your own fillings can be kept in the fridge with your name on it. Or the company could allocate you space in the fridge and you put it there.

In all, if you can make your own sandwich. But if you can’t then do buy one from a small business and not 7/11 where they have large warehouses and bakeries.

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