Going on a bank account detox

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the economy took a big hit and almost everybody needed Government support. People were working from home and the stress of bills and buying food and paying with their bank account took its toll.

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

So I decided to do a bank account detox. That means no spending from there. We spend way too much money on material things. And I was getting into some debt. I got into more than $3000 debt pre Covid. During the first part of the lockdown I managed to pay almost all of it back. Pre Covid I had a lot of late and unpaid fees

I have been going on this Bank account detox for about 30 days now. At first I was really anxious about how I would fare and how much that I would spend the $200 I had in there. During that time there was another $119 added in there from something which I did not use and they charged me for it. My gym membership was frozen and everything else I canceled. But I had to pay the account keeping fees.

I just used cash and the free gift cards that I earnt whilst doing surveys to buy the things that I needed.

I was at home a lot so I saved on transport and outside food. I spend waaay too much money on outside food and coffee in the past. Now that I’m home a lot I drink more coffee at home and eat more home-cooked foods

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