Could the coronavirus cause more people to go hungry?

As more and more people lose their jobs due to the pandemic, we wondered if the pandemic could cause people to go hungry!

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We read this report by the UN nations saying that global hunger has increased this year. They predict that 132 million people would go hungry this year and rely on Foodbank. Food Politics also writes about the food insecurity issue.

The Government gives us money but is it enough for the poor people? This pandemic brings out the inequalities in people. We have seen in the housing towers situation.

We see many charities that are at the brink as many people go to them for food. The Big Umbrella on their Instagram says that many people turn up on Wednesday and Thursday nights and the demand is quite high. The Government allows for these charities to run as an essential service for the homeless and they should. In a Facebook group that I’m in called “Free food Pantry only” there have been quite a few requests for food.

The food banks are quite low on food and donations. We have seen the Ascot Vale Little free pantry always busy. Its the same for the Kensington side.

How to help those in need?

  • There are some charity groups such as Free food Melbourne and other groups on Facebook
  • You can donate money online to your favourite charities
  • You can run for your favourite charities at their events in 2021 and get people to donate money to your charity
  • If you can (and Government allows it) do donate your local free pantry or foodbank
  • If you are a business you could set up some free food days to help those that are struggling

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