My favourite activities to do whilst in Coronavirus lockdown

I bet you might be bored of being cooped up at home. So here are a few of my favorite things to do at home. In the past few days, Victoria Police have issued hundreds of fines for going out of lockdown when you’re not supposed to.


I love watching ABC’s “What would you do?” , the news, Chicago Fire, PD and Med as well as watching airline reviews in hopes that one day I’ll take to the friendly skies and to support my fellow bloggers.

Oh and I also love to listen to music on there.

Going supermarket shopping

For many people, this is a chore but I love just seeing what is out there. I love to see new brands and places. I love to support local when I can. But of course, this might not be possible for everyone due to lockdown laws.

But make sure you know what the Government restrictions are on shopping as there are hefty fines for this. Make sure to wear a mask if the Government mandates this. If it’s only supposed to be just you then just only go by yourself.

Play Mahjong online

I play this game to pass the time and to forget about the troubles ahead. We can’t really be socializing with people physically.

Read good books

Now is a good time to catch up on the reading and books that you may have missed whilst commuting everywhere. I love to read whatever books are good and I buy most of my books on

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