No paid leave for healthcare workers

The ABC reports that people that work in healthcare are being exposed to the virus every single day. Healthcare workers in aged care and hospitals have to work throughout the pandemic even though they are not well. These people earn the lowest income. They are usually on causal with no paid sick leave. The Government has pledged $1500 hardship and so far a few people got approved.

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We have seen skyrocketing cases in Newmarch and other aged care facilities. Our concerns are with those residents with whom they work with. Aged care is a face to face job. If it was online it would have been no problem. I have volunteered at aged care in Year 9 and it was a lot of fun but hard work on their part.

The aged care workers have to lift things and help people with daily living tasks. Its the same in the hospitals.

The healthcare workers have to wear masks but its the close proximity to people that they are exposed.

Some of them have to work in two ore more aged care residences in order to meet their living needs. If they have the virus they could easily spread it to residents. We have seen a few elderly die in nursing homes due to the outbreak.

To the operators please do something about the aged care homes before somebody else gets put at at risk. Oh and please offer your healthcare workers some paid leave so that they can work in one aged care home and not two or more.

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