The 31 day challenge to a Healthier and Happier you

I took on the Tiny Buddha’s challenge and you should too instead of weight loss. When you haven’t lost weight in a timely fashion you become unhappy and don’t accept yourself for who you are.

Acceptance is important and that’s what Tiny Buddha teaches.

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Five things that I’m grateful for

  1. Living in Australia when there are over a million coronavirus cases overseas. In Australia, we have over 12000 cases and the US has heaps.
  2. Grateful for the sun- this means that I can go out and run in the sun
  3. Grateful for the lockdowns and restrictions that are happening here. All over the world, there are not that many and people are dying
  4. Grateful for Les Mills Asia Pacific for keeping the spirit of instructing alive in the doom and gloom of the world. During that time I did a meditation online. I also did some tutorials online
  5. Grateful that I don’t have to mingle with friends when I’m really busy. Grateful to have a job really and be able to Work from Home. But I do worry about not having so much money at the end of the pandemic.

Now that we’re in Coronavirus times it’s important to be happy with just the little things. Like one day I complimented someone on how they looked. I also stopped in at a cafe for a small coffee and made their day.

A couple of times I donated to the Ascot Vale Little Free Pantry and it brightened someone’s day.

Everyday I drink lots of water. It keeps me fulfilled and happy.

I exercise every day. I love Body Combat and running. I love kicking and punches. I also love walking in nature and you can too

You can download it here.

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