Coronavirus and stress

The coronavirus has brought out the worst in people at times. We have been cooped up at home and working from home. Again Melbourne is in a six week lockdown. This stress brings out the worst in people.

But it doesn’t mean that we can be abusive towards other people. Yes I know we are stressed out staying at home.

We have seen on the news a lot more reports of people being abusive towards frontline workers. They are calling people names and being violent and argumentative. The frontline workers don’t need that abuse from their customers. They too get stressed out and they get traumatized when this sort of behaviour happens. They might be thinking of quitting but they know that there are some good customers out there.

We are all in this together. Think of the frontline workers who work day and night to support you. You should thank them by not being abusive and taking out your stress and frustration on them.

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