An open letter to anxiety

Dear anxiety,

I know you are not really present during normal situations. But this is not a normal situation and I sometimes feel anxious when I hear that we have high numbers of the virus. We have a lot of high numbers in Victoria and now I get so anxious. The high numbers means that I might one day catch the virus even though I don’t want to.

The high numbers also mean worrying about whether or not we all have jobs at the end of this. It means that some of the businesses might not be able to cope with the low patronage. It means tougher restrictions. I worry about these tougher restrictions as it would mean the end of some jobs and business.

I worry about my friends and the fact that they might not have jobs at the end. I miss all my friends. I worry about them getting COVID and that our hospital system will be overrun.

But its not the end of the world. I know that I need to learn to cope with a new normal and that will take some time. We all just have to keep playing our part and staying the course.

I hope that I can cope with this for a while,

x Not anxious

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