Taking a mental health day

Stay Fit Australia talks about how important it is to take one. Now that we are in the Covid crisis it is important to take some time out for just you. It is not easy taking that mental health day (after all we are yes people, doing what others want of us and not looking after ourselves). Now that we are all working from home its more than important to take a mental health day or two.

We shouldn’t feel guilty about taking a mental day or two if you need it. We are after all human beings.

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What is a mental health day?

It is a day where you just do nothing and relax. This is to prevent burnout. In a survey done by SEEK it said that 72% of Australians work in a workplace which has negatively impacted their mental health. 83% of them said that they should be allowed to take that day off.

It is normal to take that day off and depending on that person it could be a day where you seek some clarity around your mental health issues and how to move forward. Or it could be a day where you do some physical activity or rest and rejuvenate.

How to get the most out of your day off.

You could enjoy that bath or that movie day at home. Or you can go out and exercise and just have fun.

Or you can do Gardening.

You could catch up on sleep

We can’t really see family members but you could talk to them online

Do some crafting at home

Read a book

Taking that mental health day is an important step in prioritizing your health and needs and working out what is causing that stress. This is not a quick fix for long term mental health issues but its the right step.

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