Stress and the immune system

Right now we are all leading stressful lives in a very stressful situation. The situation in Melbourne is quite tense with people being locked up in their flats. So we need to look after our immune system really well even though we are locked up for a while.

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We have talked about stress before and how it raises cortisol levels.

Too much stress can lead to depression and anxiety. Some people cannot sleep well at night. Already we are seeing a lot more mental health cases now that people have lost their jobs and are fighting the Covid pandemic. A lack of social support is partly to blame.

How does the immune system cope with all that stress?

Healthfully says that too much stress can weaken your immune system. Too much stress on it causes you to be run down and more susceptible to illnesses such as the COVID.

Here’s how to stress less

Get plenty of rest

Sleep is an essential part for fighting disease. Without a good night’s sleep we cannot function well and we get run down. This is partly why there are more cases of the COVID and some countries have their second wave

Reduce toxins and keep the home clean as much as possible. Toxins build up a lot of stress and dirty and messy place also make you feel stressed.

Get some fresh air

An hour or two a day keeps the doctor awake. It could be that you go for a walk, bike ride, run, swim, whatever you like to do to keep those endorphins happy.

Make sure that you get some social support

Online during these times is best. But if you live with someone talking about your feelings during the pandemic is a great idea.

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