Making time for learning during the pandemic

Now that we’re all working from home and being bored at home listening to the Covid news, its now time to up your learning. In fitness personal development is important.

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Make time to attend personal development seminars

If you’re training to be a Les Mills Instructor (or are already one), the team at Les Mills would have sent you a whole bunch of stuff to read and listen to. Do take the time to do that.

If you work in Fitness you would have lots of personal development seminars which you can attend. Also there are lots of industry zoom lectures.

Read lots of non fictional ones.

I bet you would have plenty of books at home to read. Some of them are non fictional books. If not you can always buy them on What sort of books do you like to read that are non fictional? Do you like personal development books? Make sure to avoid all distractions whilst reading the book to get the best out of it.

Make time to practice new skills

If you are signed up to Les Mills on Demand they have lots of new skills. Or you can take the time to learn supermarket shopping and look for new trends.

Attend TedEx talks online

They have a whole range of different topics for you to learn from. Here you can find lots of ideas and things to learn.

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