Four things I learnt from working at home

Now that stay at home orders are here in Melbourne and in parts of the world again, I wanted to talk about the four things that I learnt from working from home from the last time. This is in hopes that you’ll find working from home easier this time.

Planning is key

Work out what you want to do and when. I.e in the next hour I would like this and that done. Don’t forget to schedule in breaks and break that work up into chunks. Don’t forget to check in with your colleagues every week to see where they are up to.

Talk to people

Talking to people outside of your home has its benefits. Whether its grabbing a coffee or at your local supermarket. Even just saying a G’day would help. It would brighten someone’s day. We are all in this together. I love to pat other people’s dogs as they make me happy.

Do the educational seminars/webinars

These helped me a lot when working from home as it gave me some insight on what to write. They are normally done on Zoom. And I got to see people online.


If you’re allowed out to exercise then you can do just that. Exercise is known to make you feel good and help you get on with your day. Fresh air is good for the mind.

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