Week 2 of living frugally

We only have $40 to spend each week. We can’t even get our phone bill as that’s $10. Yesterday I spent $2 on a protein bar that was marked down on special. Yesterday we had hainan chicken and leftover chicken curry for lunch and dinner.

Today I had leftover Sam’s pantry museli and bread. I ate poor people’s food for lunch which is peanut butter, bread and a banana. Poor people cannot afford the heating in winter. I try to rug up as much as I can but still feel cold. I spent $5 on a brownie and $4.60 on two protein bars at Coles. Coles should try and help out the poor during the COVID19 seeing as we’re about to go into lockdown a second time.

This week I had my period and imagine if I had to buy pads, they would be worth $21. Its lucky I have some at home and a friend who works in a pharmacy who gives it to me for free. I feel for the women that can’t afford pads. I also have enough ibuprofen for a little while.

I spent $7 at Happy Apple buying juice, banana and something for the Little pantry. I spent my usual $14 at Chemist Warehouse.

Then I spent $7 on tea and protein bars at Coles on Friday. I usually go for the ones that are $2 each there to maximise spending.

We had Oxtail stew at home. It was really nice. But I wonder if Oxtail stew is poor people’s food. Yesterday my flatmate bought a pie from Too Good Bakers for me.

Then I spent $2.50 on a protein bar and chocolate. It was in the clearance bin at a place that I live nearby

All up I spent: $42.10.

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