$120 food challenge

Can you live off $120 food challenge in a month? I know that many people are struggling to put food on the table in this Coronavirus environment as they have lost jobs. Many people are relying on foodbanks to help them get by.

In Melbourne we recevie about $600-$900 in Centrelink payments. Most people rent houses for about $400 per fortnight and on top of that we have to pay the bills. Per day our income works out to be about $40 a day. So that does not leave us with much for food.

So the $120 food challenge inspired me! Here we cannot buy many meals outside. They must be home cooked. Here we ate at home and most of the meals and things are on my Instagram.

We enjoyed lots of leftovers and making use of the stuff that’s in the pantry such as Sam’s Museli that we bought a few months ago. We also bought chips from IGA and the meats from there when they are marked down. Same as with Coles meats.

One day the cans of tuna were $1 a can, so we got three of them. Then last Sunday I got 4 snacks for $5 at one of the IGA stores near where I live. Another time there was 2 for $5 bargain for the Harvest snaps.

One day we had SPAM ham with noodles. The SPAM was in the pantry and was bought a few months ago.

Another time we had Zhong which is Chinese sticky rice. The bundles were in the freezer from a month ago.

One day we had lasagna for dinner from the freezer. That was awesome.

So it is possible to live on $120 per month provided that you know what’s in your pantry and fridge and use it all up. Oh and buy things when they are on special. Buy fruits and vegetables from the market as it is cheaper. If you grow your own fruit and veg it would probably free up some of your spend. I know we all have to get by for the next few months, but you can at least give this challenge a go.

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