To be a good RPM instructor

To be a good RPM instructor, you need to be really healthy and adopt good nutrition at the start. And no it is not for the money. You have to want to change clients’ health!

It take patience and dedication to the job. And no it does not take the non supportive people to take it down.

You need to pay $600-$700 to do the course and then study vigorously. And then you have to have a like for people. You really have to know your choreography and the correct bike technique. If you had been going to classes you’ll see that the instructors demonstrate the techniques and you can practice those. You do lectures for two days and the third one is an assessment day where you’ll show them that you really know your stuff. For those two days, you’ll get given a track to learn and you’ll have a chance to script it and practice it and then you’ll get assessed. But the assessment there is more like feedback.

On the third day, you’ll get your certification if you pass the course.

Between days 1 and 2 and the third day, you’ll have eight weeks to practice your coaching skills and team-teach a few classes. This is where your endorsement from the gym comes into play. Either they will select a mentor for you or you do it yourself.

The good instructors love to help people out especially new people that come to their class. They would help these people before the class starts. There is that sense of community.

And then there is the assessment. The group fitness manager will be assessing you rigoursly. You have to like them to want to work in their place.

It’s really fun but a lot of hard work. Do it if you are really passionate. Les Mills is taking people for the next round and you can sign up here

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