Is having a plan B in life ideal?

Yes! Now its a good time to think about having a plan B. Hospitality and retail workers should think about having a plan B as there might not be jobs for them due to Coronavirus.

We get it things happen all the time that you cannot control. What you can control is how you respond to them.

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The economic impact of the virus has hit us a lot harder than we think. Many restaurants and cafes are struggling and they may not be able to keep their doors open for much longer due to there being not that many customers. It is the same for some of the retail stores.

So thinking about what you can do is a good idea! The stimulus is not going to last forever. Think about what you are good at and then go from there. What do you like doing? What is your passion?

Maybe you could teach classes or write a blog. At first, I wanted to write about food but then after I put the weight on I suddenly realized that I’m not enjoying going out for food all the time. So I decided to start this blog and am so glad that I have. I realized that I love going to the gym and healthy eating as well as running. If I was to write in the other blog I would feel pressured to eat all that outside food during the Coronavirus times and not support the #blacklivesmatter movement.

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