Week 1 of living frugally

We are in Coronavirus times and it would be a year before we return to normal again. A lot of people are in struggle street at the moment

So I wanted to write about living frugally during these times for a whole year. I enjoyed some homemade almond bread as a snack and lots of soups at home.

Last week I researched the topic of living frugally and found that you don’t need a lot to live frugally.

This week I started crosstitching the tablecloth. I hope to get it finished in time for Christmas so that I can give it to somebody as a gift.

At Chemist Warehouse they had the 12 sachets of BSC tea for $10 (normally its $15) and protein bars for $2.

At Coles the day before I spent $12 just on snacks and shampoo.

At 7/11 I spent $7.30 on buying two snack bars. Geez, how expensive are they there! Normally they have $1 Wednesdays but the snack bars are not featured on there.

Over the weekend I bought one muffin for $6. On Sunday I got a Nippy’s and a protein bar for $4.60 at the local IGA. They were marked down to just $2 each.

Total spent: $31.90. Out of $40 allowed I have $8.10 left. I can use it next week or leave it for another week!

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