Our stats for June

We talk about our stats for June.

We got about 426 views on our website and 426 visitors which is great. Here everyone is impacted in some way or another by the virus so they look to us for inspiration. Most of our visitors come from the US where it is the worst hit. Most people are bored and frustrated by the lockdown. We got about 2 more followers for the site. The most popular posts are the losing weight ones.

Hence it’s also why we have 40 new followers for Instagram. It is a really big number so we thank you for following us on Instagram. The spanakopita got 20 likes as people wanted to dine out again. The Garmin watch got 15 likes as people wanted to exercise again. The Carosello picture with the calamari got 12 likes. The social distancing video in the park got 22 views. The Little Mylk Bar video got 41 views. Fitness first video got 26 views as people needed to be able to exercise. Another Body Attack one of mine got 40 views.

Mental health has been a really big issue for everyone as the numbers in Coronavirus cases surge. As such Black lives matter was really popular during June and the video from 7news on Instagram got 29 views.

Hopefully during July things will pick up again and we might be able to live normal lives. Hopefully the hospitality and fitness industry will be able to recover from this small setback (yes, we are in lockdown again!) soon. With all the reposting online that’s going on, the hospitality industry may be able to reclaim some of their lost profits and return to normal by the end of the month. But who knows.

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