Are gyms healthy?

Post Lockdown and the gyms are open. But are they really healthy? I got the idea from this story from Breaking muscle who says that gyms are about looking good. In the past few days after Victoria was finally allowed to open their gyms cases of Coronavirus spiked.

For most gyms it is about looking good. However my gym has an emphasis on safety and friendliness. However do you want to pay $50-$150 per month just to look good and nothing else?

Also you’ll have to sweat it out with everybody else and that can carry some risk factors. In this case attitude matters for everyone, whether it would be staff or your fellow gym members. It depends on whether or not the gym practices social distancing and abides by those guidelines. The gym will usually follow Fitness Australia’s COVID safe plan but there are some that will do the wrong thing and not follow the plan.

A few things to ask yourself?

  • Do they have online classes for people who are not confident in going back to the gym?
  • Do they do a complimentary freeze for those that don’t want to go back yet?
  • Do they have cleaning protocols in places? I.e lots of hand sanitizer and other items.
  • Are they a member of Fitness Australia? Fitness Australia is the peak body for all gyms, whether big or small. They are advocating for gyms to be more like allied health which is a lot more serious. At the door they will usually have some sort of certificate or sticker saying “Business member”.
  • Do they have guidelines for members in following social distancing and hygiene? If not why not?

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