An open letter of forgiveness

As part of the 31 day challenge to a happier and healthier you, here is an open letter to a friend.

Dear Kristian,

I’m sorry that we haven’t talked in ages properly due to the Covid19. It feels weird not talking to you face to face. It feels weird not going into the city all the time.

It feels weird to not even remember you as autistic. I bet you have mental breakdowns every day due to staying at home all the time. I know I would if was living in one of those public housing commission flats. You’re lucky you have a proper house to live in.

Did I ever hurt you? I tried calling you on Facebook but still nothing! Maybe you must have been busy avoiding me but I still think of you!

At that time at Lentils, I’m sorry that I didn’t wait for you when you were half an hour late. I did not know that you are disabled and that you needed extra time to get to me.

Please forgive me even though we can’t see each other,


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