The WHO’s stance on Coronavirus

And why we think that being socially distant is important.

The WHO has declared that Coronavirus is a huge health pandemic and an emergency at that. Right now the USA is on top of the Coronavirus list with about 2300000+ cases worldwide.

Each day the number of cases worldwide increases about 100000-1600000. We now have over 11 million cases worldwide. Today was one of our saddest days. Most countries are in their second peak as they let this get away from them. We as Australians are in a good position. But that does not mean that we can take our good position for granted and think that this is all over. Its not. We still have to take all those social distancing measures into account and into place.

We still have to practice social distancing and staying home when we can. I know that its boring but it must be done.

If we all keep our distance and stay home if we can and just be patient for a vaccine then one day it will be over. Till we find that vaccine which is some 12-18 months away we must be patient and find that new Covid normal. It will take time to find and adjust to the new Covid normal.

If we all keep our health in good shape then we can limit the spread of the virus.

We also know that research into a vaccine takes time and money. Hence we are asking people to be patient.

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