Grow your own vegetables and herbs

Now that Covid is here and people can’t always afford vegetables and herbs. You can grow your own in your garden if you have.

This will be good for those that are in lockdown and are looking for something to do. Gardening is great for mental health.

You will save heaps of money on buying herbs and vegetables. The herbs that you grow in your garden tastes so much better than the ones that you get in store. The herbs that you grow are fresher and have no pesticide spray to them. And its the same for vegetables that you grow.

These are easy to grow and they will last a few years. But you will need some space to grow them. If you live in an apartment block why not have a shared vegetable and herb patch? You would just need to get the landlords permission to do so.

You can buy all the seeds and seedlings from your local nursery. If it’s your first time you could get some advice from the nursery staff about what to grown and when to grow them. You would need to make your own planter and you can buy the materials for that from your local hardware store. Bunnings have some great advice on how to do this.

Oh, and you will need the discipline to water them most days. But now that you are home you can do so. And you can watch them grow. Watching them grow gives you sheer happiness.

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