How to live frugally during Coronavirus times

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The Government has given you about $3000 per month to spend on the necessary things you need to live on. In Australia its the Jobkeeper payment. There are many things that have been closed due to lockdowns so you need to live frugally now. You don’t know whether you’ll have a job by the end of this and the payments are due to end in September.

Rent eats up most of your budget- Its around $1310-$1500 for just a one bedroom place.

Pay all the things that you have to pay on time like your rent and bills. If you pay them late they will charge you a late fee. Thinking of cutting down on the cost of your electricity? Cut down on the things that you don’t need such as leaving the light on all the time. Ask to pay for everything annually as you’ll save some money.

As for the washing, I like to do mine just once a week to save on water.

Go on a $120 grocery shop challenge. Buy everything on special or at the manager’s special as they are usually cheaper. Buy instant coffee and just enjoy that at home. If you earn Coles gift cards why not use those?

Don’t go out much for dinner or cafe food. If you do see if you can buy a Groupon or two. Remember you only have $300 to spend on dining out and takeaways and coffee out. You can always use the gift cards that you have for dining out.

Do extra tasks for a bit of cash. Who knows you might need it for this year’s Christmas as by that time you might not have a job.

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