Crazy socks for docs

This initiative started in 2018 but I first heard of it when Mind Body Miko brought this up in 2019. Crazy Socks for docs is a month-long initiative to support doctors and healthcare professionals. Here you wear different colored socks and you post your pictures on Instagram.

I did this last year too and it was awesome.

The doctors and healthcare staff always feel stressed and burned out. They work long hours to keep us healthy and safe. On top of that they feel anxiety and people don’t really understand that they need their rest. In May and June I have been working super hard to fight this Covid19 pandemic and the economic losses that we face.

As we all know stress plays a huge role in our health and its important that healthcare staff stay focussed on helping to win the battle against Covid19

I loved wearing stockings on my runs just for a bit of crazy fun. I got no injuries from it because I didn’t go as fast as I would have.

Lets hope that with this Coronavirus pressure, doctors and nurses take some time off for themselves. If you can you should stay at home to help ease the pressure off our doctors and nurses.

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