What could you spend your Jobseeker/Jobkeeper money on

The Jobseeker/Jobkeeper is the Government support stimulus package in Australia. You get it once a fortnight. We don’t really know when this is going to end, so you should really spend it wisely

The Government stimulus is supposed to be the money that you live on whilst you are not working. Therefore expensive and excessive spending is discouraged. You don’t need the latest Bulgari perfume, expensive skincare (such as Kiels), makeup (you’re not going out), alcohol, iPad, and other expensive electronics, designer shoes and clothes, and the latest handbag.

But what you spend the Government stimulus is on food, homewares, some crockery (we don’t need the expensive Royal Doulton crockery unless it’s on special and yours is no good), medicines, basic toiletries, some work shoes, work clothes, pajamas, underwear, runners, activewear, pay your bills and your rent, etc. It should only be spent on the basics. You could buy some stationery and a laptop from Officeworks if that’s what you need for work at home.

You could also buy shares if there is enough money.

You could use that money for some DIY home improvement like buying plants for the garden, crosstitch and picture frames.

You should only be spending 10% of your government support income on restaurants, bars and cafes. I.e if you earn about $1500 a fortnight then $150 can be spent on cafe/restaurant food. You should not be going out to eat everyday.

Now there is no excuse to be going to Chadstone and shopping all day. You would most likely be in breach of the Coronavirus restrictions. I read online that in one weekend people did just that and it was 70,000 people, Never again.

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