The bakeoff trend: how long will this last?

We were inspired by NPR’s article to write our own.

During lockdown we baked a lot of things as people had time on their hands to do so. Some people have lost their jobs due to the pandemic so they might not have enough money to buy bread. We think this will last a while.

The New Daily says that the demand for flour has gone up and so has the cake mixes.

They were faced with the mandatory task of making breakfast, lunch and dinner when all the restaurants were shut in March.

Just before lockdown in Australia, the supermarket shelves were empty of baking products as people panic bought. Now that the restrictions are easing the baking shelves are full again. The other day I went to the supermarket needing to buy sugar and there was lots of sugar left. If I went during the panic buying season there would be none left.

Now that the lockdowns have eased people are contemplating whether to dine out or not due to the cleanliness of places. Hence baking is here to stay.

Just this week I heard that there was a second wave of lockdowns in Melbourne. I wonder if people will do more baking during that time at home. Its also school holidays in Australia so there might be a bit more baking action going on!

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