National Wellbeing Week 2020

In such a devastating time where people have lost their jobs and their livelihoods, we will celebrate National Wellbeing week.

The Guardian wrote up about how one professor kept it together during the COVID19. We have been trying to keep it together but its been hard sometimes to do so.

This week we went out on runs and we tried to keep it together during these tough times. During these tough times my friend called me heaps on Instagram but I’ve been trying to block him out as I’ve been way too busy. Also he kept saying that he was bored at home.

That week I treated myself to a milkshake. Its important during these times to treat yourself to stuff every once in a while. I also treated myself to a sausage roll.

On Sunday it was really sunny so I treated myself to a run with lots of lovely buildings and sites to take in. I loved the views and gorgeous buildings.

Went to a few Les Mills webinars which has been uplifting. Also watched some What would you do scenarios. I love these scenarios as they are all about the human connection.

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