Could where you live be a risk for Covid19

The BMJ opinion says that people that live in low socio economic areas are more likely to get Covid19. In the past week alone we have seen an increase in Melbourne and the six hotspots are all low socio economic areas. In the world it is India, USA, Brazil and Peru that are the highest low socio economic areas with the highest rate of Covid19

So what is a low socio economic area?

That would be an area that is affected by people who are low-income earners (they mainly earn welfare). They would also have a lot of homeless people living in those areas. This area would be drug-affected. These areas have lots of fast food places due to everyone being able to afford these kinds of food.

Could obesity have a part to play in this?

The answer is yes. People from these suburbs are likely to be obese and are likely to access more junk food than those in wealthier places. Also exercise has a role in being healthy and if there are no walking paths and tracks then people will be more sedentary.

We see it in areas like Broadmeadows, Airport West, and the City of Casey. Wealthier suburbs have access to a walking trail or two.

So what should governments do to make it better?

The City of Casey said that they were looking at giving people more access to fresh, healthy food. But Governments could make access to fresh and healthy food cheaper for those that can’t afford it. Back to basics is a volunteer run programme in Melbourne where those that are disadvantaged can take some free food and other basic needs.

They should also put in more walking paths which are accessible. Then that way everyone will be a lot healthier.

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