Axe the tax on period products

We should be able to manage our periods the way we want. Now more than ever due to the Covid19, people had to choose between paying bills or paying for their period. Periods are not a choice as it happens every month

We go through about 3-4 pads or tampons during the day. Some women go through more because they have had heavy bleeding. So all up in 7 days it would be 21-28 pads and tampons. Some days our period is lighter.

On top of that we also have to pay for pain killers to kill the period pain.

We shouldn’t have to pay for pads or go without them just because we have not got enough money. Pads in Australia are about $4-$8 a pack. And we go through about 1-3 packs per period.

But what about period products?

They are sustainable but they are a huge investment for women, especially those without an income. They are about $30-$60 per cup but some people can’t afford it.

So please if you can, ask your local MP or Government to make period products cheaper (or free for those that can’t afford it).

Or better yet, if you have lots leftover from your panic buying days, why not donate them to charity or a local pantry who needs them?

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