Autism and obesity

We talk about Autism and obesity and mention that the rate of obesity is higher for those with autism. We wrote once before about Autism and the Coronavirus. There is some doubt that the Coronavirus might cause them to put on weight due to health issues and stay at home orders. In 2014 there was a study done on autistic children and it is said that 34% of them (in the 10-17 years) are overweight. The rate of obesity for autistic people is higher than normal people.

We talk about why here!

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What is autism?

Autism is a sensory and intellectual disability that affects 2.2% of adults in the US. It is usually started in childhood. Spectrum News says that autistic people often hate doing sports. They give one example, Nicholas who doesn’t want to go on family bike rides or long walks.

Autistic people hate not sticking to a routine and love the same foods. They love chocolate and other things. They are prone to overeating. Isolation is not usually a problem for them. It then puts them at an obesity risk.

Balance is often an issue for them. They hate heights.

There isn’t a lot of specialist trainers that work with people with disabilities and hopefully next year there might be some more in fitness industry. We recognise that these people are more vulnerable to some of the health issues that we face today. These people are more vulnerable to some of the discriminations at the gym because they act weirdly or they don’t want to try different things. Or they are paranoid that something will happen to them.

Moreover they have a lot of problems understanding what people want and the correct techniques.

Spectrum News said that some of them have sleep issues as well GI issues which contribute to their weight.

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