Wholegrain week

Wholegrain week was from June 15-21 2020. It is a week where we are encouraged to swap all the processed food for whole grains and legumes. Eg we could have oats for breakfast instead of cereal.

It was started by the Grain and Legumes council. They are a not for profit organisation which helps to promote eating wholegrains and legumes. We don’t get enough of these and that’s what this week is all about.

Here we swapped white bread for wholegrain and included barley in our soup. We loved Abbott’s wholegrain bread as it keeps us fuller for longer. For snack on Monday we had Carmen’s protein plus bar which has a source of fiber. For breakfast we either had oats or the Arnott’s clusters. My flatmate also bought some other granola from Sam’s pantry which is wholegrain. One day for morning tea we had the Natures Valley peanut butter cup which was nice.

I felt much fuller for longer going on whole grains rather than processed food. The museli bars I used to buy were full of just crap. Now I buy ones which have no added sugar and are full of whole grains.

I also felt much cleaner that week too. I think I’ll keep up the wholegrain eating and not eat that processed food crap anymore.

For meat eaters: you don’t need to take out meat. Instead just add some whole grain foods or legumes to your meals to make them hearty. When going out swap your white bread roll for wholegrain and normal pasta for wholegrain if you can.

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