The busy woman can do it, but she doesn’t have to

I got inspired by this article from Creative Impact Co and I started thinking about it. Pre Covid19 here I was always on the run. I was always going from one place to another. I was always drinking a lot of water (I still am) and everyday that I was out always went for a run and to the gym. I always felt burnt out by the end of the week. I used to say yes to everything.

During the lockdown I started to think that maybe I’m doing too much and that I needed a break from it all. I was not sleeping properly and I was having hormonal issues. Sometimes my period came a bit early.

Traits of the modern woman

She has to do all without stopping and pausing. She expects everyone to recognise her and love her for the things that she does. She works as well as does housework. Some women have children to look after. The man brings home the bacon in the family. The man is the breadwinner but sometimes he is lazy in doing housework chores.

Why are we like that?

We’re like that because we want equality and value for the things that we do. We want to be loved and have equal pay. Right now women don’t get equal pay in the workplace. Nor do they get the recognition that they deserve

Its ok to say no. During the pandemic we learned to slow down and just pause for a while. The man should pick up some of the housework chores in the house.

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