How to build muscle after iso

The gyms are reopening and people are dying to go back to the gym. So some people want to build muscle and regain their fitness.

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I wouldn’t make such big goals straightaway as you might injure yourself. You only have 50 mins per session as gyms are limited in the amount of people that they can have per space.

What is muscle atrophy?

This is the term that is used for when muscle is wasted away and not being used for prolonged periods of time such as isolation.

I would start small if you have haven’t been doing your weight training and then go big from there. I would start with 6-8 reps. And then two weeks later I would increase the reps. I would also start with lighter weights during this time.

It would take about two to three weeks to notice the effects and the new muscle. It would also take two to three weeks of getting used to your gym routine, so I would not push myself too hard during these first few sessions. I would just be kind on myself.

I would also have a diet which is high in protein, such as fish and calcium, eggs and other things. I would not have so much processed foods. You might have to ask a personal trainer or you favourite group fitness instructor about what they eat for their meals. But if you want more advice I recommend you see a sports dietician.

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