The Happiness report

The World Happiness report has just been released. Here it rates Finland as one of the happiest places and it was done in a time when the Coronavirus pandemic was at its low. But now it is at its highest with over 2400000 cases in the world today.

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Social Environments is rated as one of the highest factors for being happy. Someone who is homeless might not be happy as they are not in a safe and secure environment. But someone who is at home and lives with people might be happier.

Equality plays a big part in being happy. We have all different cultures and races of people. Some of them are LGBTI and others are gay. We need to treat everyone with respect. The #blacklivesmatter protest is huge and is still going on. People need to be paid equally at work. For decades women were paid half as much as the men and they took on a few more responsibilities.

Environment is another one. We need to have clean air and lots of nature, parks, rivers and beaches to be happy. We published a report earlier about the environment. In the Happiness report they say that the Nordic countries are the most happiest because they have clean air and lots of green spaces. So residents there are very happy. Also the weather plays a huge role in people’s happiness. We go out when its sunny and we stay indoors when it is cold.

So now that the pandemic is here what should we do to be happy?

  • Be kind to one another no matter where they are from or whether they are LGBTI
  • Help the homeless if you can
  • Council and governments should plan to have (and implement) more green space.
  • For those governments that have stricter Coronavirus lockdown rules, let people exercise just once a day outside. If people were locked inside then their mental health will deteriorate.

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