How to make bread at home

Now that we are all in lockdown and for some of us we may have lost our job as well. We may not have the extra money for bread every day. A loaf of bread costs about $4-$7 depending on the brand. And then depending on how many people live in your house you might finish that loaf a few days later and need to buy another.

So you might want to make your own at home

You will need yeast, flour, bread mix, milk and water. Oh and for those that love raisin toast dried raisins. A bread maker will come in handy. Perhaps you were given one last Christmas and never got around to using it? Well now heres that chance.

A packet of bread mix will set you back by $3.50-$16 depending on the brand that you buy. We love Lauke’s bread mix and you can make multiple loaves of bread.

Deep South Texas has this recipe below.

Do give bread making a go. It should be a lot of fun.

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