Staying connected

During the coronavirus staying connected is important for mental health and wellbeing. We are social beings that love to talk and stay connected. Staying isolated is not our thing.

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You might be lucky to be living with people. But for some of us we are isolated from everyone.

Ring your friend

Many phone companies offer free minutes if your friend is with the same company as you are.

Going out

Just check your states restrictions on going out and being socially distant. Don’t go out if you do not need to. Also check your states restrictions on visiting people.


It could via What’s app or Instagram, Wechat, Facebook etc. Or you can start a blog and write about stuff each and every day. This way you can connect with people all around the world.

On Facebook you can video call them.

On Instagram you can tell stories and people reply to your stories. Pre Covid19 I never needed to take photos of myself. But now due to the restrictions in place I did that just to let people know that I am ok. There is Tiktok but I haven’t tried that.

You can also volunteer in many charities online. Many of them are asking for donations to help their Covid19 causes. And some of them have some sort of challenge (ie cooking challenge) that you can do to pass the time.

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