How to track your body measurements

Ever wanted to lose weight after the lockdown? During the lockdown most of us put on some weight and now we want to lose that weight.

Weigh yourself every week at the same time if you can. Begin with a starting weight. The scales do not define you. They are just a number on scale which can change from week to week depending on your hormones and how much muscle you have built.

Its better to use to clothes fitting technique. If your clothes are too tight then you have gained some weight.

You could use the DEXA scale but you’d have to go the gym to do that and then they are around $35-$90 per scan. Some of the scans you can get at a lower price on

Speaking of muscle you need to build this by exercise. The body is amazing. It can adapt to a lot of things in just a short amount of time. Start off slowly. Start off with just weights and dumbbells. This is where the gym comes into play. A personal trainer or an older member can guide you in the right direction.

But wait… what are you eating?

If you are eating crap, of course you’ll put on weight without knowing it. We have all eaten lots of crap during lockdown and now it is time to redeem yourself. Calorie tracking apps can be useful here as you’ll learn about how many calories are in food. Hidden sugars in food are also a bad thing. If you eat too much hidden sugar you’ll put on that weight

So eat good food and you’ll feel just fine. Make sure that you’re having 2 serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables a day.

Stop weighing yourself on the scales. The number on the scales is just a number.

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